Virginia Beach, Virginia
August 18-22, 2005
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Kelly Coggin's Photos

Keven, Grace, Annah, Kristin, Keven & Katelyn


Beautiful Grace in her 'angel' gown!


MJ & Casey hanging out


Kelly, Grace, MJ, Charley & Kim!


Grace, Morgan, Alyssa & Lily


Grace gets her Cole's Quilt Hand-Delivered!


Suzanne Williams' Photos

Erinne afraid of butterflies, safely under the netting.


Erinne & Annah


Lily, Amy, Skyler & Grandma


Erinne, Liz & Annah at the beach!


Peg wearing "Erinne Green", and Erinne in "Erinne Green"!


Steve, Laura & Kaylee receiving their Cole's Quilt in honor of Devon & Sidney.  Linda Zuroff is on the right!


Amy & Lily


Annah & Erinne


Liz & Princess Grace


Casey singing to Morgan


Prince William


Keven, Kelly, Grace, Abby, Doug & Hadi


Princess Grace in her royal coach


Dance Fever!!


Lily, Morgan & Alyssa


Erinne, Kevin & Annah


Erinne & Annah by the fish sculptures


MJ & Charlie holding hands


You should be dancing, yeah!


Nonna Kim, Lucas, Madison B, and Peg


Brian Weaver, Sue & Casey


The Candle lighting ceremony


Erinne at the candlelighting


Funny Annah


Kristin & Matthew


Night time at the beach!


Madison & Carl having a chat


Two ferocious tigers!


Brian Weaver & his son


Annah & Abigail


Erinne all dressed up!


Stacy Saville's Photos



Skyler & Kim, Morgan, Lauren & Cristy


Morgan & Alyssa


Sue O'Neill's Photos

Brianna, Colin and Casey at the IMAX theater. We saw a Safari movie!


Colin thoroughly enjoyed touching the sting rays


Casey and Brianna watching the fireworks.




Lily & Charlie




Skyler & Colin


Casey & Nurse Julie


Charlie & Colin


Casey & Julie taking a ride on the chair to the 2nd floor


Up up and away!


Gene & Colin


Julie & Casey


Annah, Tammy & Kristin


Tammy, Brianna & Kim S.


Sue & Colin


MJ & Casey on the boat


Annette & Madison going up to the 2nd floor


Casey & Lucas


Amy & Lily


Keven & Grace!


Charlie & Lily


Colin & Lily


Steve & Laura being given the quilt squares


Stacy too!


Steve & Laura holding up their quilt squares


O'Neills at the butterfly release


Ange and her family with a butterfly


Casey & Gene


The butterfly visiting Colin


Colin and Sue at the candlelighting


Casey, Sue, Gene & Colin go swimming


Sue & Casey


Touching the stingrays!


Brianna gets to touch the stingrays too!


The McDanels at the Aquarium


The O'Neills at the Virginia Beach Acquarium


The beautiful view of Virginia Beach at twilight...


Amy Barnett's Photos

Casey and Nurse Julie on the boat riding the chair up the stairs (it was a HUGE hit with all the kids and seemingly the adults too!).


Me holding my future son-in-law Colin (ignore how awful I look...I was literally melting!).


Tammy holding my stinky girl :)


There goes Annette and Madison up on the chair!


Darling Charlie.......what a ham he is!

Handsome William!!!!


My daughter at the photo shoot...had to share that one!


Look at that cutie Brianna!!!!!  What a beautiful face!


Sue holding her future daughter-in-law :)


Colin and Lily holding hands


Lily checking out her special butterfly from Nathan....


Beautiful Madison Burger.....


Lily and Madison Reed at the mall.


Lily loving her ice-cream


Madison and Lily riding a simulated roller-coaster game at the mall


Kim Sykora's Photos

MJ holding Charlie with Lily & Me


Sue enjoying a drink on the boat with Collin


Charlie holding Madison B's hand


Charlie getting kisses from Alyssa and her cousin Shaylee (spelling?)


Ange, Amy, Lily and Tammy


MJ Casey and Lucas


Erinne with netting


Ange holding Charlie with Alyssa


Ange and some/most of her family


Ange holding Charlie




Brianna & Tammy Dancing


Suzanne at the candle lighting


Sykora Family at the candle lighting


MJ & Brenda's mom Janice at the candle lighting


Casey sings while the others dance


Brianna, Sky & Lily


Dancing for Morgan!


Tiffany & Charlie



MJ's Pages


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