Virginia Beach, Virginia
August 18-22, 2005
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Laura Stants' Photos
(If you have broadband you can click on these to blow them up.
They're really big but I have too many to resize them all!)

Kaylee arriving at Norfolk Airport with boxes of STUFF


It's the Boardwalk at VA Beach-wide, clean, flat, and so easy to get places on!


Steve & Kaylee on the beach



WHAT is that, you ask?  Blow this one up and see if you can read it.  Someone was a celebrity!


The view from our room...


Miss Lily getting her hand traced for the canvas handprint fundraiser MJ & Brenda did!


The Gorgeous Mackenzie!


Casey & Nurse Julie


The "Pixie", Skyler McAdams


Colin & Lily checking each other out.


MJ & Kim Sykora


Laura & Amy apparently decided to dress as twins this day...


Michelle, Tammy (who also got the memo on the matching clothes!), Brianna & Annah get ready to board the accessible Virginia Jewel boat


Amy & Lily waiting to board


On board the boat, very lovely surroundings and a nice view!


More people on board...


You may have to blow these up to see the people, but they are there. ;)


Kaylee & Emily on the boat


Charlie & Brenda on baord


MJ & Peg on the boat


The always lovely Annette & Madison Reed


Amy, Lily, Lucas, Annette & Madison on the boat


William saying 'hi' upside-down, of course!


Tonya & William take the 'elevator chair' up to the 2nd floor of the boat


Some of the girls hanging out at the bow of the boat


The rest of the crew in the bow


Annah taking a trip up to the second floor of the boat with the help of Tonya & Brenda


MJ & Casey relaxing on the boat


Casey was squishing up his face to make that lizard travel down his forehead, off his nose, and drop off, and it was too funny.  Brenda helped get the lizard there and Casey did the rest of the work.  :)


The Reed ladies taking the chair to the 2nd floor of the boat


Nurse Julie, Colin & Sue


Colin & his mom


Okay, this didn't work without a tripod to keep it from blurring, but the full moon was out, shining over the ocean, and it was just gorgeous.


Meeting up for the luncheon on Saturday


The Lunch Crowd


A birthday cake for Charlie!


And a birthday cake for Angel Jacob...
It was Mackenzie's birthday too but they had to leave early.  :(


Charlie posing by his birthday cake and treats!


Colin gets to check out the clown...I wonder who that is?? Samuel, would you know?


Just relaxing...


Hmmm, I wonder what Jeff & Kim find so funny?


Of COURSE!  It's Casey cutting loose with the karaoke!


Or maybe it was Lucas with La Vida Loca!


Lucas takes the stage while the group behind him gets it on tape for future blackmail


Okay, those of you with patience or a good connection have to blow this one up.  Check out Amy's reaction to Lucas' song back there on the right side.  ;)


Carol & Ange enjoying the tune as well.


Wow, now that was a face-painting!


Casey Twirling to the music...


Quite the crew here... ;)


Kaylee getting a butterfly painted on her hand by Terri Sawyer


And William gets a balloon doggie!


William cuddling up


Kaylee shows off her butterfly hand and her red balloon doggie


Amy & Lily dancing to the groove


The Beautiful Burger Girls dancing


Nonna Kim and Madison dancing


Helema & her mommy watching the dancers


Jeni & Annah


Kim & Tenille doing the stroller dance with Madison


Just relaxing...


The lovely Lauren and her big sister Cierra.


Ange drawing the winning ticket for the cross-stitch raffle with Annette Cordes


Kaylee drawing the winning number for the canvas hand-print fundraiser by MJ & Brenda


The beautiful Morgan, driving the power chair JUST fine!!


The crew doing the "Left Foot Stomp" dance, including Katelyn & Kaylee


cha cha real smooth...


Passing out the butterflies to be released...


Everyone passing out the butterflies on the boardwalk facing the beautiful beach and ocean...


Listening to the legend of the butterfly

A butterfly lands on Kim's shirt for Skyler to see...


There's Skyler and the butterfly, a "painted lady"...


Suzanne has a little visitor too...


So many people had butterflies who stopped to say 'hi' instead of flying right away...


Brianna got to watch her little friend for awhile...


Whispering his wish to the butterfly visitor.  As the legend goes, a whispered wish is carried on the wings of the butterflies straight to the heavens


Zeke with his butterfly (and nice shirt!) :)


Abby gets to watch her butterfly too!  What a beautiful backdrop...


Ange lighting her candle for the world-wide candle-lighting, in honor of Jacob and so many angels...


Kaylee Stants getting her candle lit in honor of Devon, Sidney, and so many angels...


Kaylee & grandma, Patty Chiles, with their candles lit


Candles lit on the boardwalk...


We light these candles...


For Our Angels...


That their Light...


May Always Shine.


Lily has a lingering visitor...


NOW she sees him!  Hi Nathan...


Miss Grace driving her new chair!


Heading back in...


Liz demonstrates French braiding on Laura for Kim and Peg


Amy & Lily at Saturday night's pizza


Oh yes, we ARE at the beach, aren't we!


Kaylee & Emily at the Virginia Aquarium and Science Museum.


At the Aquarium.  Well, for these three sets of parents this will make sense.  Casey is talking, Emily is rowing, and Kaylee is pouting because she's not the one talking or rowing.  ;)


Fireworks over the Boardwalk on Sunday night!  They went by too fast for me to get photos of the kids watching though!


Lily and Annah...


Lily & Annah



Hanging out on the Boardwalk after the fireworks are done-with a beautiful full moon over the ocean.


MJ & William having some fun!


Brenda & William


Lily & Colin having a chat...


That's it for me!  I'll put the rest of the photos up on the other pages, as I get them!  :)  Laura


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