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Through the years, I grew to realize that I was "special", but I was sent here to use my uniqueness to teach a whole world of people that it is vital to believe in yourself and all that you CAN do. 


I sang my first solo in church at the age of 6.  


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This went against everything that physicians had expected for me. On that very Sunday night at the age of 6 years old, I knew what I was called to do.  I was sent here to sing and to let others see that faith can move even the highest mountains and determination is a must.  


I went on to college and majored in television broadcasting, but even then, I still knew my calling. 


I established "The Music Ministry of Nicki Ard" in 1986 and in 1988 I recorded my first album entitled "From Nicki, With Love".




Throughout the past 14 years, I have traveled all over the USA performing in over 1,500 concerts and speaking in schools across the nation.




I lived the "normal" life.  I was a cheerleader, played basketball, was a member of the marching band, and took tap, ballet, and jazz (I sat on the edge of my power chair and danced).  I wanted everyone to see that adversity is only opportunity.....nothing more. 


This past year, I recorded my second album entitled "Walk With Me" and one of its songs hit #5 on the national music charts. 


Yes, there are things that I can't do. Things that would be almost impossible, but I take my physical challenges and look for the things that I "can" do. I may not be able to dance a fancy ballroom step, but I can sing from the deepest part of my heart and hope that others see in me a true example of strength. 



"Nicki is a contemporary Christian vocalist whose voice presents a cool confidence and presence that underscores her personal strength and abilities. Her gifts are something that you will feel and know through hearing the offering of her love for life as represented in this album."


-Michael Roberts Dee Jay News



"Nicki Ard sings songs, but what a story. Her story is telling and worth telling. She embraces gosh-awful sadness and seemingly impossibilities with grace, energy, and courage. She understands that God's story is part of her story and she lives life as an inspiration to us all."


-Dr. Terry L. Wilson Coordinator
Pastoral Care Medical University of SC



"Nicki's music is a complete experience in itself with testimony, encouragement, challenge, and not least of all by any means, an enjoyable musical experience. I cannot recommend her ministry strongly enough."


-Rev. Rodney Howard

Crosswell Baptist Church



"You've gotta get this CD!!"


-Dan E. Lockemy




"Totally inspirational!"


-Don Smith

Host of Rhythm and Beach Sounds



"Walk With Me is an invitation to share in ones spiritual journey. Nicki's voice, music and message strikes a chord that enables you to look at yourself and be thankful for all things around you."


-Jamie Ridley Assistant Executive

Producer Hollywood, CA



*Note From Laura*


Nicki had implemented a special presentation at every concert she did.  During her concerts, they ran an LCD projector with a big screen, and while she sang, they projected images of our SMA children on the screen to help tell the story and get the point about SMA across.  It became a priority in her ministry and one that has touched thousands of people's lives.


From all the parents whose children were part of this amazing presentation...thank you, Nicki.


Let their voices be heard, their faces seen, their lives known...


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