The Ocean- Nicki's Favorite Place

One month ago, (July of 2000) I was introduced to the SMA Support site by a dear friend and since that month has passed, my life has changed in a tremendous way. 


I have known my purpose for still being here for many years.  I know I am here to sing and to teach and to show others the power of God, but I am also here to fight-I must fight for these kids who lost the battle and I must fight for those who are not even yet conceived and will be affected by this disease. 


I have vowed to make some kind of difference and my ministry now includes a huge tribute to these children, both alive and deceased.  They are MY heroes and the angels that will sing the sweet songs that I will hear when God says my work here is done. 


If you only gain one thing from learning about me I want it to be this- in every sorrow there is a smile, in every weakness there is some strength, and in every life there is a miracle. We just have to BELIEVE!


On August 12, 2000, I was crowned Miss Wheelchair, USA, after successfully being crowned Miss Wheelchair South Carolina!

I plan to use these platforms to spread the word about SMA!

    Miss Wheelchair USA Crowning!             Miss Wheelchair South Carolina! 



2 Corinthians 12:9 ~ "My grace is sufficient for you, for POWER is perfected in weakness." 


Much love to you all.

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