The Ocean- Nicki's Favorite Place

Every day is a challenge for me and there have been some days when I think "I am growing weary". 


Then I realize, that is not my decision. It is only for God to say when my work is done. 


This past December, I got in a serious car accident and was in ICU with 2 broken legs, a broken arm, and lots of cuts and bruises.  As I lay there wondering if I had finally met my defeat, I quickly realized, it's going to take more than a car wreck to take me down.  



I cancelled 3 concerts and WITHOUT the consent of my doctor, went back on the road only 4 weeks after the accident with casts still on my legs. 


You see, not all kids and adults with SMA are as fortunate as I am.  Not all make it this far.  Some of the little ones never get a chance to take the dance lessons or go to school, but they make their own marks on this earth. They show people like me just how fortunate I am.

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