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Melina and Alexis
Melina with Alexia's Portrait

About Me

I am a self-taught artist, and mostly I love painting people.  

My Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) has enriched my being by letting me see that life is worth living no matter in what condition the body is.   For this reason, my other passion is the disabled people's rights. 

I am married to a wonderful man named Jeff.  

I would like to hear from you about my art, or anything you would like to share with me. 








The countless eyes

of babies

who never grow to speak

beg you:

Stop it!



The countless empty laps

of childless mothers

beg You:

Stop it!



We do not have

more sacred ways

to pray with.


By Melina Fatsiou-Cowan



Melina Redefines Beauty
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Melina's Art
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The Killer's Name is SMA...






Julia's Shoes Painting
"Julia's Shoes"

This painting depicts the wistful longing of a little girl in a wheelchair who dreams of dancing in high-heeled red shoes, as well as a subconscious wondering if she will survive to womanhood.


An SMA Angel Painting
An SMA Angel
The last painting of the Millennium



The Lady With Scoliosis Painting & Article
The Lady With Scoliosis


The SMA Cherub Painting
The SMA Cherub


Ramp For The Moon
Ramp For The Moon
A view of the future when people with disabilities may some day reach the moon as well!  Accessibility to it's fullest!  Also, a ramp (a beam of light!), helps us reach whatever we wish to reach, no matter how high or far away it may be!


Weightless Painting
Weightless and Shapeless, flowing in space, a woman and her wheelchair.

Clairy's Portrait Painting
Clairy's Portrait
My Cousin


Niki's Portrait
Niki's Portrait
My Cousin


Ms. Marsh's Son Portrait

Ms. Marsh's Son
My first teacher at the University of Alabama's son. 


The daughter of a friend


Spring in Bad Weather

 This is a Hand-Painted card done for my friend, June Price, on her birthday.  

Inside it says "You are the spring, and SMA is the Bad Weather"

The Spring (Joy, Life, Hope) always wins eventually!


Sleeping Baby, SMA Angel

The baby, modeled after a picture of Devon Stants, is sleeping in a space of light and energy.   Life has no end in the light.

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