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Do you shop at  How about, Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shop, Bath & Body Works, Circuit City, Disney Store, eBay,, FTD, Gap,  JC Penney, Land's End, Old Navy,  Sears, Spiegel, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, or about 400 other major stores?

Imagine this: buying toys, clothes, beauty essentials, books,  CDs and all your everyday items online, only now it makes a difference for SMA! At iGive, you can shop for just about anything, from the smallest tube of toothpaste to the biggest L-shaped couch, and a percentage of every purchase generates a donation to SMA Support Inc. 

Turn your on-line shopping habits into acts of kindness toward others by becoming a member of iGive.  All you have to do is sign up one time, and go through the iGive site to get to your regular favorite shopping sites, and shop as normal! That's it!  Itís FREE, no extra costs or compromising obligations.  Shop for everyday items at the over 400 stores at the Mall at, like,, Barnes and Noble, CDNow, J.Crew, L.L.Bean, and PETsMART.  Up to 26% of each purchase is donated to SMA Support Inc!

Though you're likely to find dozens of items more enticing than toothpaste, a simple purchase is a good way to start giving.  So get shopping! 

Join now at iGive!

Here is the list of 414 stores you can shop with on-line to donate!  Merchants Listed.


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Never miss out on a potential donation because you didn't know a store belonged to the iGive Mall (there are over 400, and more join every week)-- the Shopping Window takes care of that for you!  When you type the name of an iGive store (for example: "") into your browser and then shop, your purchase will automatically count for a donation!


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